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Higher occupancy
with less resources

Your tournaments run on autopilot with Padelboard Arena, so that you can have more tournaments without spending more time.

Give your players a better experience.

Enhance your brand

Get full control of your tournaments

Swedens leading venues are using Padelboard Arena

Padel United
Padel Crew
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Compete against players at your level:

MATCHi Playlist

Create a loyal community of players with our brand new competition type for Padelboard Arena.

MATCHI Playlist

What is MATCHi Playlist?

MATCHi Playlist enables your venue to create activities and tournaments for players with the same skill level. In other words: A more fun, competitive and rewarding experience. It’s as easy as it is smart. Music to your ears, right?

Your own top list

Players meet and compete with each other, nothing new there. Here comes the smart part: Based on how they perform on the court, your venue is able to categorize players - creating your own venue-specific top list. The icing on the cake? The more they play, the better their matching levels will be.

How does it work?

Initially, MATCHi Playlist will be based on a new game type - Beat the box. This is how it works:
  • 4 players/court
  • Flexible game time
  • Teams rotate, everyone on the court faces each other
  • Win = 25p, Draw = 5p and Loss = -15p
  • The points are added to the MATCHi Playlist

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Few like empty courts
Most like full tournaments

The increasing number of padel courts brings a higher competition for the players. It requires more from us as hosts. With Padelboard you are able to give both yourself and the players a better experience - an experience players are longing to come back to.

Our padelboard tournaments fill up within 24 hours and we even have a queue to our events, even after expanding our tournaments to include more players.

Robin Moberg, Padel United Bäckebol
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A better experience for hosts and players.

Tournaments are not just easier to host, but Padelboard also makes it easier and more fun for the players:

  • - You always know where, and with who, you are playing
  • - You can report your own result
  • - The live standings are just a klick away.
  • - Chat with each other and the host
  • - More time on the court.
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Vary your tournaments with different game types


The classic! The players are drawn with different partners and opponents each game and you collect points individually.

Team Americano

Like Americano but with the same partner during the whole tournament. Perfect for competing as a team.


Starts like an Americano but becomes more even with each round. Perfect if you want tough games for everyone.

Team Mexicano

Team Mexicano is a mix of Mexicano and Team Americano. You keep you partner and fight your way through more difficult opponents to the top.


Want to create the tournament and let the players handle the rest? Or would you prefer to keep all of the control and handle it yourself? No matter what you chose, Padelboard delivers value for you and your players.

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Customize the app with your own brandcolors and logo. Your tournaments feel unique and truly yours.

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Using Padelboard is not only easy, but it also creates a flexible and fun playing experience.

Web Interface

All you need is a web browser to manage your tournaments.

Mobile App

The participants can manage their own games in the Padelboard App.


You can decide if you want the players to manage the tournament or if you want to do it.

Unlimited players

Padelboard has support for how many - or few - participants you want.

Uneven number of players

We distribute resting rounds for the players, so you don't have to cancel your tournament if someone doesn't show up.


You can set up notifications for the tournament, so you can be notified when it's time to play.

Finish when you want

You can select how many rounds you want to play, or keep playing indefinitely.

Support if needed

We have a support team that can help you with any issues you might have.




Sign up and create an account

Create your account online and enter the details for your venue.


Create a tournament and invite the players.

Choose a game type and the settings for your tournament and then invite the players with an unique code, in advance, or at the venue with a QR-code.


Enjoy a better experience

Once each player is at the venue you can get started playing! Choose if you want to enter their scores or if you want them to handle it themselves.


5 €Per court & monthplus1 €Per player & tournament

  • Unlimited number of players
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Uneven amount of players
  • Dedicated support Dedikerad support
  • Try today
  • No hidden fees
Try it out today
Frysen Padel

“Padelboard Arena is the perfect tool for when we are planing and hosting larger tournaments and company events.”

Göran Bånge
In charge of Frysen Padel

“With Padelboard Arena we get flexibility when hosting tournaments and events. We are also very satisfied with the support.”

Maria Nilsson
In charge of PDL Axellent

Common questions?

Have we not included your question? Reach out to us and we will answer it.

Does everyone need to have Padelboard Arena?
Nope! We recommend all players to use the app, but it's not a requirement. With Padelboard Arena you are able to add all of the players to the tournament.
Can you show me how it works?
Of course! Reach out to MATCHi and we'll setup a demo with you.
Is it possible to view all rounds in advance?
Absolutely. You can pre-draw as many rounds as you'd like.
We are a part of a chain, do we need more than one account?
Yes, one account per venue.